Guidelines to Crack Job Interview

Guidelines to Crack Job Interview

1. Conquer your Worries and Anxieties:

We accept it or not but we all are apprehensive about facing interviews. The

fact is we do not worry about interviews but we have the fear of rejection. It is

very important to overpower this negative energy and it can be easily

achieved by changing your attitude, outlook and perspective towards


Self-motivation and self-esteem plays a very vital role in this regard. Appear in

the interview process with a conviction to crack it. Think in a way that you

already have it and nobody can it away from you. This will help you overcome

the fear of losing and you can give your best shot. Be the master of your

destiny. Act like an interviewer, not an interviwee.

2. Interpret carefully the Job Requirements: 

It is very essential to analyse the job requirements and the job profile before appearing for the job. Evaluate the

job description carefully and determine whether you are comfortable and

suitable for the job or not. Identify your potentials and have a clear perception

on the type of candidate the company is looking for.

3. Predictable Questions:

After scrutinizing the job requirements, prepare a list

of probable questions and their answers. Take the help of your experienced

friends and people having similar job profile in the industry.

4. Do not fabricate your Resume: 

It is a big blunder and frequently made mistake by the job seekers. Do not ever mention false achievements and

points in your resume.Companies verify all your details and credentials before

recruiting you for the job. Do not create problems for yourself and be forthright

in your approach.

5. Have a Discussion, not an Argument: It is always wise and judicious not to

get into any kind of altercation with the Interviewer. Put forward your thoughts

but in a cordial manner and be flexible enough to accept their points with an


6. Have a friendly casual talk after the Interview: 

Be cool and relaxed during theinterview. Have a friendly small talk with the interviewer asking for suggestions and

feedback. Have a polite and friendly chat.It gives a positive impression about your

behaviour and attitude. And trust me, your attitude and approach matters a lot.

Salary:  Ask for a relevant and feasible salary hike suitable for that particular job

profile. Appreciate the work and never show that you want to switch just for the sake

of money.

Confidence and Honesty is the key. You have it. Just unlock the door of success!

All the best