Guidelines as you begin your teaching career

 Guidelines as you begin your teaching career !!!

The greatest fear every new teacher has is “No one will pay any attention to my teachings.”

You are facing a small group of students and expected to share your knowledge and expertise with

them in an effective and efficient way while maintaining the attention of the class. It is a tough job and

only the best can do it. Many people who get into teaching field quit in the first five years of their

teaching career. But everyone who starts always believe that they will be a great teacher.

So here are a few tips on how to be a good teacher if not great one:

1. Students are like Bees, they sense fear.

Having said that they are only students they are here to listen to you. So show no fear, always

before starting a class look at the entire class with a friendly smile. They fear you just as much as you

fear them. Talk casually and politely. It is often seen that being too formal ruins a class.

2. Tomorrow is yet another day.

Don’t push yourself to complete too much of a topic in a single class. You will risk losing your

class due to information overload. Always keep to schedule and let go if you couldn’t finish what you

wanted to. There is always a next class.

3. You can’t treat all your students the same.

Everyone is different and unique in their own way. So pay attention to individuals when guiding

them through. At the same time the students have their own comfort level with the topics. Some

take two weeks to understand a topic and others might take 2 minutes. Do your job and give them

their space. It always yields better results.

4. Students are your Teachers

This is an obvious point. As a teacher you only become a better teacher by teaching more. And

you learn from your students on how to teach. How to improve yourself and your teaching skills.

5. There is no system that works all the time.

There is no system or formula for teaching. It’s an organic process that grows and develops

differently in every different class, so don’t try to confine yourself to a particular system. Just go

with your instinct and gut feeling.

6. And finally, a good teacher is always a novice.

Treat every class as the first class of your career. It’s an obvious cliché that many people use but

it is very important to do so. You can never take teaching easily. It is a serious profession and a Nobel


Always respect your class and do your homework before going to the class.